A file a day….

…keeps my insanity away!

One of my favorite organizational methods I have used over the past few years while at work, is a file folder for each day of the week.


Yes they look a little worn, but that is because I use them every single day! At the end of one work day, I put things that are priority for the next day into that file folder.  I also do that at the end of each week, and decide the priority for each task.

Also, if there are tasks from that day I have not completed, I can re-prioritize them and put them in another day’s folder. Also, if something comes up, it is also easy to shift things around.

For tasks that don’t have an actual piece of paper, I keep a to do list inside each folder with written tasks I need to complete. For high priority tasks I may also put them on my Outlook calendar, so I get reminders that pop up at me.


This has worked very well for me over the past few years.  Does anyone have any tips they would like to share about keeping their day to day at work organized?

One thought on “A file a day….

  1. Batb says:

    I use this same technique and it is very helpful. Im also cleaning out one file or area each day and keep a list which I move from day to day saying what I’ve cleaned out.

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