A commonplace book is something that you can enter in information you have heard or read. Generally it is something that someone else has said, so it is different than a journal of your own thoughts, feelings and opinions. I did some looking online and apparently in the 17th century, it was even taught to college students at Oxford.  Some notable people that kept commonplace books are:  Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, Virginia Woolf and even the fictional character Sherlock Holmes.

I have been wanting to start a commonplace for awhile now, and after listening to a webinar on how to do so, I was eager to get started. I recently had surgery, so I wanted to do this on a budget. I am happy to say I didn’t have to spend a dime.

Below is my commonplace book and materials.










I used a 3 subject Vera Bradley notebook I already had on hand.  I have tabbed the subjects: Classics, Spiritual and Spoken (i.e. podcasts, sermons, conversations).  I made the tabs using divider sticky notes I had purchased the other month. I also am using sticky tabs to mark where I am in each section.  Besides writing in pen, I also already have erasable colored pencils that someone had given to me on hand.