I was getting my oil changed the other day, and was enjoying reading a book while I waited.

There was a man who was having some custom work done on his car, who was not happy about it and proceeded to throw a ‘mantrum.’ This is basically when a grown man throws a toddler tantrum.  He was yelling and cursing. The staff was calm and accommodating, without stooping to his level.

Throwing mantrums (or womentrums–which doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it), really takes away from the focus on the issue at hand. Instead, it can become more about someone’s emotions, and can be counterproductive to what is really going on.

My approach for dealing with customer service issues related to bills or other things, is when I call, I am very polite, inquire how they are doing and explain my issue, while noting that i know it is not their personal fault. I keep my tone light, while still getting my concern across.  Typically, issues get resolved pleasently and quickly.  We both walk away feeling good about ourselves.
With mantrums, no one wins, everyone feels miserable. With our world today, we need more kindness and consideration. When you are talking to someone else, remember they are a person, who has emotions. Belittling someone is never appropriate, even when you are upset.


Be the bigger person!


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