Holy Saturday Wonderings

I lead Godly Play our church which is a unique approach of introducing Bible stories to children.  One of the key distinctives is after the story is a set of wondering questions. These are open ended questions about the story that was just heard.  Verbal answers are not required, and sometimes there is silence during the consideration.

I have found it has deepened my own spiritual life and Scripture reading, when I ask these wondering questions after meditating on a passage, or thinking about a particular story in the Bible. Last night, at my church’s Good Friday service, I was led to consider what it would have been like to be there, what Mary, or the guards were experiencing.  Today, on Holy Saturday, I consider some different wondering questions.

I wonder what it felt like during the day in-between Friday (death) and Sunday (resurrection)?

I wonder what the air felt like? Was there a breeze? Was all still?

I wonder what Mary, the mother of Jesus, did or felt the day after?

I wonder if anyone was having regrets?

I wonder where I would have been in this story?


I wonder…..