Episode 2: 155 books


I read 155 books in 2017! I have a lot of people ask me how I make time to read, as I do work full time, and have many activities I am involved in.

Here are a few tips:
1. Don’t watch much TV. I only have a handful of shows I watch.

2. Listen to audiobooks.

3. I sometimes read while blow drying my hair.

4. I like to start the day with a book and will get up early and read a chapter of a non-fiction book.

5. I read while I eat my lunch at work.

6. When I get home from work I have a little downtime before making dinner and will often read a little then close my eyes for a bit.

7. Don’t go anywhere without a book, be it a physical book or on your phone!

8. Don’t be afraid of YA-it can be nice to lighten it up after an intense book.

All in all, reading is my self care and keeps me sane!